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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Ron Shaw

The Last KnockRon Shaw is a writer, author, poet, podcaster, retiree, husband, father, and the man behind Ron Shaw Media. We discuss his latest horror novel, “Uya” and its Native American origins besides bigfoot, ducks in trees, land sharks, and the haunted Victorian trunk in his garage.

Take a look at Ron’s tremendous body of work  at his author’s page on Amazon, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Author Israel Finn

The Last Knock

When it comes to writing horror fiction, Israel Finn’s concerned about the elements that breathe quality into the genre: story and character, as well as a working knowledge of the writing craft and a respect for language. We discuss Finn’s horror stories and their origins, and the tremendous influence Richard Matheson and Stephen King had on him. There’s more, of course, regarding horror cinema, and maybe most importantly, how Finn became a solid, disciplined writer even though he originally hated reading. Do not miss this excellent and thought provoking interview for writers, readers, and audience members who love horror in all its forms.

You can find Israel Finn on his website on Facebook and on Twitter. Pay a visit to his Amazon page, and do not forget to look at his latest, Dreaming at the Top of My Lungs, the unabridged audible edition.

THE LAST KNOCK podcast presents: Interview with Writer and Poet Gillian Anne Gibson

The Last Knock

Gillian Anne Gibson, best known to friends and fans, as Jilly G, visits to discuss her horror poetry and writing, and her photography that evokes one hell of a profound mood. Don’t miss this wonderful discussion with a vibrant spirit who loves to keep it crimson! Besides Jilly’s work, we discuss horror cinema and “The Walking Dead”.

Follow Jilly G on Twitter and don’t forget her enthralling website at Crimson Quintessence. In addition, here’s her novelette, A Crimson Crime in Abernathy.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Jonathan Vick

The Last Knock

There’s nothing better than an author who writes well and whose stories arise from one unique premise after another. That author is the amazing Jonathan Vick. Find out why his horror tales leave tropes in the dust, and how he conjures up all that terror. Hint: Jonathan and Stephen King have much in common…


THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Author Pembroke Sinclair

The Last Knock

Pembroke Sinclair (Jessica Robinson) is an author of horror and the macabre, as well as an independent scholar in academia. We discuss the role of women in slasher films, talk about “final girls”, and look at her YA and adult horror novels from her “Undead” series to the human-dragon hybrids of “Wucaii.”

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Thomas S. Flowers

The Last KnockThomas S. Flowers brings you, “Emerging”, the very latest in his “Subdue” series. Find out why the author loves horror and how it’s helped him combat PTSD as a veteran serviceman.

You can find “Emerging” and other works from Thomas right here:




THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Melanie McCurdie

The Last Knock

Author and poet, Melanie McCurdie has followed up her successful slew of horror tales with another book of SLAYFUL STORIES. Now, learn the story behind the story, and how this kind-hearted Canadian loves to write about dark nights, creepy crawlies, and bloody pathways. We’ll also find out about her appearance in THE ORPHAN KILLER 2, and why she’s enamored by Norman Reedus and company in “The Walking Dead”.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Fay Simon

The Last KnockAuthor Fay is one of the rare breed who supports the arts and its creators on a grand scale. Known as @Theladyphantom on Twitter, “Fabulous Fay” has given her time and commitment to many a writer, filmmaker, artist, and musician – including me. It is my honor to not only interview this wonderful woman to discuss writing and horror, but to also promote her new novel Behind the Mirror

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Ron Shaw

The Last KnockTonight, we not only have the man behind the entertaining “The Ron Shaw Show” podcast, but he’s also the author of ghostly tales. With a degree in English Literature, he served Atlanta as a police officer. Enjoy the ever engaging and tangential Ron Shaw – and try to keep up!

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Heather Herrman

The Last KnockAuthor, Heather Herrman says her “…fiction seeks to explore the relationship between body and landscape, utilizing genre as a medium. She believes that American Horror Fiction provides a lens through which we can undress and view the timeless dis/ease of our society.” On the show we discuss her philosophy of horror, the role of women in the genre, as well as her new novel Consumption – and so much more!

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