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The Last Knock

John Erick Dowdle’s The Poughkeepsie Tapes is one of horror filmdom’s “Unholy Grails” and a snipe hunt rolled into one. On its ten-year anniversary, we take a look at the film that came with a trailer but an ultra-limited release before being pulled from theaters. The only way to get feature is as a bootleg. So what’s this mockumentary about, and is it worth purchasing illegally until the Dowdle brothers give us a legitimate release? We’ll have some answers – and we invite John and Drew to come on the show and tell us why in Hell The Poughkeepsie Tapes is in distribution purgatory.

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The Last Knock

It’s another Horror Double-header: Jack Goes Home and Train to Busan. We’re sure you’ve heard of the latter, but poor Jack hasn’t gotten his due. We’ll give you the low down, the high points, and more as we discuss this offbeat pair from a heady psychological horror to a zombie disaster on a KTX. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the train ride to Busan with Jack as your passenger. No tickets necessary – but don’t even think of jumping for it because we’re crushing it at 187 mph (300 kph).

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror IX

The Last Knock

No, Billy and Jonny aren’t trying to catch up to the Super Bowl type numbers, but they are getting there. With the ninth installment of “Hodgepodge of Horror” they travel the realms of horror cinema from Eduardo Sanchez’s Altered to Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Blood Wars – with some intriguing films in between.

So kick back, relax, indulge, and check off your  horror list about what to watch, and what to avoid like a zombie virus.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Movies 2017

The Last Knock


What does 2017 have in store for the horror fan? Well, Billy and Jonny take a look at the year ahead to uncover upcoming macabre movies from The Blackcoats Daughter and XX to Psychopaths and Rock, Paper, Dead. But wait! There’s more! The year will bring many a sequel as well as remakes, and we’ll look at them today.

Billy apologizes for the occasional cough and for feeling a bit out of it – thanks to the damn flu. But the show must go on, and Billy’s happy he wasn’t patient zero for the zombie virus.

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Don’t forget to weigh in with your comments. Billy and Jonny love to respond because they don’t get out much – unless it’s keeping the zombie hordes at bay, or Michael Bay, or BAE. Whatever.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Cat LaCohie

The Last KnockCat LaCohie (aka Vixen DeVille) is not just a horror actress, she’s a model, confidence builder, life enhancer, soul influencer, and a burlesque dancer – to name but a few of her many intrinsic talents. Direct from London and currently residing in Los Angeles, Cat’s devoted to helping men and women of all ages and sizes feel fabulous, beautiful, confident, and happy – dammit. We discuss everything from acting and horror, to burlesque and feeling fantastic, and more, of course. Enjoy!

Visit this extraordinary woman at her Cat LaCohie site, her Vixen DeVille site, and don’t forget her phenomenal Burlesque, Body Confidence, and Self-Imagery Discovery Experience – its value cannot be measured.


(Photo via Cat LaCohie.)

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Exorcizing Possessions

The Last Knock

As with any other horror sub-genre, tropes abound, and exorcism and possession are no different. How often have we seen the possessed girl or woman bound to a bed to endure torture from demonic forces and patriarchy alike? But we’ll take a closer look at those tales that move beyond copying William Friedkin’s renowned film The Exorcist. Get ready to dive into the bodies (or something like that) of different kinds of possessions and exorcisms, from Session 9 and Oculus, to 1920, The Entity and more. Growling demons and puke fetishists need not apply.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Milestone: May (2002)

The Last Knock

At the beginning of the new millennium, director Lucky McKee wowed audiences with a phenomenal, quirky, independent horror. Star Angela Bettis played May, who longed for a connection with a boyfriend. Her performance was so heralded, critic Roger Ebert petitioned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to nominate Bettis for a Lead Actress Oscar. The film also included stellar acting from Anna Faris, as well as Jeremy Sisto, James Duval, Nichole Hiltz, and the celebrated Ken Davitian, with music from The Breeders. And if you think this is some cheesy horror/romance, you are dead wrong because this brilliant tale goes to much greater depths.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: An Interview with Melanie Wise of Women Kick Ass

The Last Knock

Actress and producer, Melanie Wise visits the show to talk about the unique and riveting “Women Kick Ass” film festival, which is devoted to action films with female leads. As festival founder, she explains how women’s roles have changed in cinema over the decades, and how far we have to go around the globe to bring women’s rights to fruition. Do not miss this exhilarating and empowering discussion of women – and why they most definitely kick ass.

You can find Melanie at – and don’t forget to check out the Artemis Film Festival and Artemis Motion Pictures.


THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Cinema’s Best Female Characters

The Last Knock

The horror genre has presented many a fabulous female character, whether good, bad, or somewhere in between. We take a look at ten of the most profound and captivating female characters. Enjoy our list of horror femme fatales, final girls, demons, and steadfast souls!

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Female Horror Directors

The Last Knock

If you think women hold back the reigns when it comes to horror cinema – man, you need to watch more films! Sure, we talk about the Soska twins and Angela Bettis, as well as Jessica Cameron, Claire Denis, Kathryn Bigelow, Hélène Cattet, Antonia Byrd, Lily Amanpur, Jennifer Lynch, Cindy Sherman, and Jennifer Kent. But we also take a look at upcoming horror superstars Emilie Flory and Jovanka Vuckovick. Find out why horror fans never refer to women as “the fair sex”, and learn why women at the helm will only continue to grow – and bring us great horror.

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