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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Bill Oberst Jr.

The Last Knock

Bill Oberst Jr., one of the horror genre’s finest and most revered, chats with Billy Crash about movies, theatre, acting, Ray Bradbury, life, and so much more.

Please do not miss this interview with one fantastic and engaging gentleman. Bill Oberst Jr. is someone special who has earned an Emmy and many other accolades from being on the large and small screen over the past decade. Listen in and you’ll find out why he’s been so successful – and why he’s so respected.

Please visit Bill Oberst Jr.‘s website, Facebook, and Twitter – you won’t be disappointed.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Maria Olsen

The Last Knock

Maria Olsen is back! You’ve seen her in Southbound, the Paranormal Activity franchise, Starry Eyes, The Bunnyman, Dead Game, and so much more! The phenomenal actress and producer, who steals the screen at every turn, now has 28 feature film projects in various stages of completion. Wow!  Join Billy Crash as he sits down with Maria Olsen in her fourth THE LAST KNOCK appearance. They discuss her projects, what’s on the horizon, and how she found her way back into horror cinema after a hiatus. Don’t miss one of the horror genre’s favorites, who has over 160 film and television credits – and Maria Olsen is not stopping there!

You can find Maria Olsen on Twitter and don’t miss her tremendous body of work on IMDb.

(Photo from Cinehouseuk.)

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Jamie Bernadette and Maria Olsen of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: DEJA VU

The Last Knock

It’s a horror sequel 37 years in the making, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: DEJA VU is not only happening, the film’s in post-production. And the amazing star Jamie Bernadette and the phenomenal Maria Olsen take the time to discuss what it’s like to work with writer/director Meir Zarchi. We’ll discover their thoughts about the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE themes and social commentary – and how Zarchi avoided the “exploitation” moniker. So kick back and listen to how life was on set for two great horror actresses, and what you can expect from a sequel that will blow your mind in 2016.