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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: Antibirth and The Love Witch

The Last KnockNo two horror films could be so diametrically opposed. Antibirth is a gritty bizarro film with a 1980’s flavor and The Love Witch comes on with romance through the eyes of a desperate woman. But are they worth watching? And if you’re a fan and supporter of “Women in Horror,” you’ll definitely be interested in these two independent movies.

We go knee deep into both features and deliver our take on Antibirth, The Love Witch, the people who made them, and the people who starred in them for better or worse – and definitely until death due us part.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Extreme Horror – Abuse of Power

The Last Knock

It’s part two of our EXTREME SERIES with the most excellent William Meeker discussing “Abuse of Power”! We’ll look at some of horror cinema’s most disturbing entries where arrogant bastards think they’re better than anybody else – and unleash the trauma. We dissect the stories, break them down into select parts, and throw the rest into the garbage – so you won’t have to. What EXTREME SERIES films made this list? Listen in and find out…

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The EXTREME SERIES always includes special guest, film aficionado, William Meeker! You can find his remarks and reviews on film, from horror to science fiction, at Loud Green Bird, and follow him on Twitter as well.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: XX (2017)

The Last Knock

The guys sit down with writer and author Thomas S. Flowers to discuss the all-women writers and directors of the horror anthology, XX. The trio looks at story, theme, and element of maternal tales that permeate this foursome of short films. Learn what worked, what didn’t, and why we’re hoping for XX part two.

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You can find Thomas S. Flowers on his website, Machinemean.org, on Twitter, and on Amazon.


The Last Knock

John Erick Dowdle’s The Poughkeepsie Tapes is one of horror filmdom’s “Unholy Grails” and a snipe hunt rolled into one. On its ten-year anniversary, we take a look at the film that came with a trailer but an ultra-limited release before being pulled from theaters. The only way to get feature is as a bootleg. So what’s this mockumentary about, and is it worth purchasing illegally until the Dowdle brothers give us a legitimate release? We’ll have some answers – and we invite John and Drew to come on the show and tell us why in Hell The Poughkeepsie Tapes is in distribution purgatory.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: 2016’s Best Horror Films

The Last Knock

2016 was a pretty damn good year for horror – the movie variety, of course – and we’re happy to take a look at all those films that made the genre great. In fact, we’ll give you a reverse order countdown to the very best after we look at honorable mentions. Sure, we can wail about neon-colored witches hiding in rundown bars or something, but we won’t.

Is your favorite on the list?

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Don’t forget to weigh in with your comments, Billy and Jonny love to respond because they don’t get out much – unless it’s keeping the zombie hordes at bay…

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Extreme Horror – Family Fear

The Last Knock

If you love extreme horror, those disturbing films that make you cringe and wonder what the hell’s wrong with you for watching them to begin with, then this initial segment is definitely a must listen.

In this first of our Extreme Horror series, we explore those films that present families in a far different light than Disney ever could. We crash into A SERBIAN FILM, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and more. We’re not looking at gore and shock value, but the exploration of emotion and ethics that rocks us to the core. After all, these are the disturbing ventures into extreme horror that will keep you awake at night because your mind’s on fire.

Billy Crash and Jonny Numb traverse the trauma with special guest, William Meeker! You can find his remarks and reviews on film, from horror to science fiction, at Loud Green Bird, and follow him on Twitter at @LoudGreenBird as well.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror VII

The Last Knock

Jonny Numb and Billy Crash take a look at a plethora of horror films from the amazing TONY to the lowly INSEMINOID. We also dive into THE GREEN INFERNO and THE VEIL, to MADMAN and FELT. In the meantime, avoid OPEN GRAVES but definitely stop at TRAILER PARK OF TERROR. Oh, and there’s so much more…



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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Franchise of Fear: The Human Centipede

The Last Knock

We get down and dirty and crawl for it with Tom Six’s disturbing, gory, and insecticide free Human Centipede series. Find out how the idea burrowed into his mind, why Laurence R. Harvey will haunt your soul every time you pull into a parking lot, and why Dieter Laser’s intense rage will leave you in a permanent nightmare state. Oh, and if you ever get the chance, always volunteer to lead the pede…

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature I

The Last Knock

In our first Horror Double Feature, we take a look at why WE ARE STILL HERE is so damn bad, even though it stars the great Barbara Crampton with the cool Larry Fessender and the lovely Lisa Marie. Then again, we take a gander at why the interesting twist on the zombie sub-genre, WYRMWOOD is so damn good.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: CUB (2014)

The Last Knock

Get your horror merit badge! This Belgian adventure/horror from Jonas Govaerts has been receiving some hype as of late, but is this story of a scout troop in the woods worth a watch? We take a look at the story, and its simultaneous thwarting of some genre conventions while going head over boots for others. Curl up in your sleeping bags and give this one a listen.

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