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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Thespians of Terror: Bill Paxton

The Last Knock

A few weeks ago, we lost the wonderful Bill Paxton to complications from a stroke. The actor, director, musician, and family man, left behind a legacy of great films and cool performances from Near Dark to the incredible film, Frailty. Join us on a cinematic journey celebrating the work of the man who made “Game over!” one helluva catch phrase.

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Let us know about your favorite Bill Paxton memories!

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Female Horror Directors

The Last Knock

If you think women hold back the reigns when it comes to horror cinema – man, you need to watch more films! Sure, we talk about the Soska twins and Angela Bettis, as well as Jessica Cameron, Claire Denis, Kathryn Bigelow, Hélène Cattet, Antonia Byrd, Lily Amanpur, Jennifer Lynch, Cindy Sherman, and Jennifer Kent. But we also take a look at upcoming horror superstars Emilie Flory and Jovanka Vuckovick. Find out why horror fans never refer to women as “the fair sex”, and learn why women at the helm will only continue to grow – and bring us great horror.

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Crash Discussions: Interview with Director Jonathan Chance

PodcastimageLearn about Jonathan Chance’s upcoming film, THE RECTORY. You’ll find out why everyone should know the name of Harry Price, and why the actual rectory is considered to be England’s most haunted place. The history of the rectory will entice, and the premise of the movie will tantalize…
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Crash Discussions: An Interview with Filmmaker David Paul Baker, Episode 13

David Paul Baker has taken on one ambitious challenge: to make one movie a month for a year, starting this month. Find out how he’s going to do it during our special episode of “The Last Knock.” We’ll also discuss his film, MISSION X, and the forthcoming horror SCREEN, as well as his appearance in CRAWL BITCH CRAWL. Want more information? Check out his website here to keep up with whirlwind progress over the next year!