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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Remembering George A. Romero

The Last KnockGeorge A. Romero brought the world a new kind of ghoul in 1968 with his seminal film, Night of the Living Dead. Since then, the social conscientious independent went on to write, produce, and helm many films around his adopted city of Pittsburgh.

Romero wasn’t just an indie filmmaker, but a career maker for some and an inspiration to others. We’ll look at this renowned gentleman and his life, and his work from the remainder of his “dead” series, to Martin, Creepshow, and more.

Horror lost a beloved director and master of the genre on July 16, but we extend our condolences and very best wishes to his family and friend because they lost much more.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Director of the Damned: Alexandre Aja

The Last Knock

Born in Paris, Alexandre Aja blew open that door to the horror realm with with the gritty High Tension, the feature he wrote and directed in 2003. After the splinters from that door finished rocketing throughout the genre, and woke up studio executives in Hollywood, Aja took on the Hills Have Eyes remake, followed by the Piranha relaunch with more projects to follow.

We look at Aja’s career and directing style, his choice of projects, and the films he has produced, such as the Maniac remake and The Other Side of the Door.

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