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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Greg Palko

The Last Knock

Greg Palko’s a graphic designer and art director with a different way of looking at the world – horror or otherwise. To learn why his movie posters, book covers, flyers, and more, stand out, listen in from his hidden horror homestead at an undisclosed New Jersey location – which is a horror museum for certain! And you’ll find out what it means to be “Palko-ed”!

Don’t forget to connect with Greg Palko whether you need some killer art or not. You’ll find him on Twitter and at his engaging website, Palko Designs.

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BONUS! Here’s one of Palko’s most recent pieces:

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Sad Clowns

The Last KnockWe’re talking about those horror films that take the image of the happy go lucky clown and turn it into something terrifying – unless you suffer from coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. So consider your fear exploited! We take a look at Stitches, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Drive Thru, The Last Circus, and the recent film, Clown.

Regardless of your fears, this show is dedicated to the Clown Prince of Horror: the amazing Bleeding Critic! He will take your breath away – and never give it back! Check out his excellent interactive website!

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