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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Bill Oberst Jr.

The Last Knock

Bill Oberst Jr., one of the horror genre’s finest and most revered, chats with Billy Crash about movies, theatre, acting, Ray Bradbury, life, and so much more.

Please do not miss this interview with one fantastic and engaging gentleman. Bill Oberst Jr. is someone special who has earned an Emmy and many other accolades from being on the large and small screen over the past decade. Listen in and you’ll find out why he’s been so successful – and why he’s so respected.

Please visit Bill Oberst Jr.‘s website, Facebook, and Twitter – you won’t be disappointed.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Actor Brad Potts

The Last Knock

Brad Potts is a salt of the earth gentleman who served his country, acted on stage, and has been on the big and small screen since 2003. Don’t miss his interview as we discuss his horror roles of past, present, and future, as well as his work with TLK favorite, Maria Olsen, and one of horrordom’s most celebrated, Bill Oberst. Hell, we even talk about strong writing, and how Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” exemplified quality storytelling. Most important, you don’t want to miss Brad’s stories of stage and screen!

You can learn more about BradĀ from his IMDb page, check out his acting reel on YouTube, visit his website, and you can also follow him on Twitter.