THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Milestone: Rosemary’s Baby

THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast on Rosemary's Baby

THE LAST KNOCK opens the door to Rosemary’s Baby…

Rosemary’s Baby Celebrates 50 Years!

Rosemary’s Baby hit theaters in 1968 to audiences who had indulged in Ira Levin’s popular book of the same name.

Produced in part by schlock horror master, William Castle, he kept out of the way when it came to production, and let Roman Polanski take the reigns in his first American film. 

And in the end, Polanski delivered a poignant and engaging horror that continues to resonate and rattle the nerves of audiences – and even impressed the author.

Besides incorporating an incredible cast, from Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes to Sidney Blackmer and the incomparable Ruth Gordon, Krzysztof Komeda’s soundtrack enhances every scene, while William A. Fraker provided a clinic on exceptional cinematography.

THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast looks at Rosemary’s Baby and its themes and imagery, besides bringing you behind-the-scenes stories about cast, crew, and production. We’ll also explore desire, the devil, what’s in a name, and what might happen next…

Most important, we’ll focus on Rosemary, her goals as a woman and mother, the horrific betrayal she endured, the moment Satan came calling, and the aftermath as her world turned upside down.

For “Women in Horror Month,” there may be no better film of the era to engage.


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