THE LAST KNOCK presents: Those We Lost 2017

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THE LAST KNOCK opens the door for those we lost in 2017…


The saddest part about the start to a new year is during one’s head around to look back at Those We Lost. The actors, directors, writers, artists, musicians, and film crew members who brought us great horror films, books, art, and songs are to be celebrated, and THE LAST KNOCK does just that.

When it comes to Those We Lost, Billy and Jonny look at the notable as well as those many may have missed. That’s because Jonny Numb combs the obituaries and IMDb to make certain everyone gets their due whether they’re in front of or behind the camera, or off the beaten horror trail.

We’ll also have the chance to look at the legacy of: actors Miguel Ferrer, John Hurt, Martin Landau, and Harry Dean Stanton; The Silence of the Lambs director, Johnathan Demme; The Exorcist author, William Peter Blatty; and artists Basil Gogos and Bernie Wrightson.

Most important, Those We Lost left something behind for all of us to treasure. So maybe it’s time we all revisited our horror collections and took another look at their performances, their words, and more…

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