THE LAST KNOCK presents: Worst Horror 2017

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THE LAST KNOCK opens the door to Worst Horror 2017…

Worst Horror 2017

Unfortunately, as horror fans, we always have to take the bad with the good, and that leads Billy Crash and Jonny Numb to explore Worst Horror 2017.

Where Jonny Numb sees 2017 as a good year for the genre, Billy Crash has been disappointed by commercial and independent movies alike. Horror fans wrote off Happy Death Day in short order, and many weren’t pleased with the latest foray into the world of Jigsaw. Even so, countless possibilities abound for Worst Horror 2017, and many more will wiggle and worm their way to the surface in the coming months as release dates unfurl for various media.

Worst Horror 2017 is once again subjective, but THE LAST KNOCK doesn’t sit idle when it comes to warning fans of horror choices that should be left unseen. Your hosts took one, two, three, and then some, for the horror team so you don’t have to, and the pair would love to have a hungry zombie pen at the ready for several so-called filmmakers.

So get pen and paper ready so you can make a list of THE LAST KNOCK’s Worst Horror 2017, and know what the hell to avoid so you can use that time for better things, like plucking hairs from your nose, getting the flu, and paying bills.


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The plot sickens: You heard about the worst, so now it’s time to hear about the best! Give a listen to THE LAST KNOCK horror episode of Best Horror 2017!

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4 Responses

  1. Ron Shaw (@RonGizmo)

    Hi, guys. I listened to your Worst of 2017 show and could not agree more with your top two worst, Jon. Any film that has the least bit of odor of GROUNDHOG DAY is tabu here. So, HAPPY DEATH DAY fits that stench. I saw the trailer for it and knew instantly… NO WAY, JOSE’ FIENDEANNA!
    For me, SPLIT was the worst I had the displeasure of paying to see. Sometimes a second or third viewing of a first-taste stinker will alter my opinion of the film. This occurred with GET OUT. It did a complete turnaround for me after watching several times. Aspects of SPLIT also stuck with me, and I thoroughly regret the mind intrusion or mental space they occupy. In short, the film might have been a tad decent if we saw at least some of the animals other than the main character in the zoo. The ending was absurd. His Hulkish, Hydeonsupersteroids-like transformation was ludicrous and for me. I saw it as a last minute Hail Mary to at least frighten an audience (those still awake after the first five minutes) bored to tears, waiting on at least something horror-able to appear. The various characters he (an excellent actor) portrayed were as interesting as the single, dreary room in which he kept his typical female, save one, captives.
    Excellent show… and soundtrack-like typing, Bill. Jonny’s laughter was almost contagious.

    1. Ron! So great to hear from you, my friend! So glad you enjoyed the show. Loved your “Hail Mary” comment regarding SPLIT, which is absolutely spot-on. It’s almost like Night brought a first draft of the script to the screen. Sigh.

      Hopefully, 2018 will give us much more to enjoy!

      I trust all is well with you and yours!

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