THE LAST KNOCK presents: Best Horror 2017

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THE LAST KNOCK opens the door to Best Horror 2017…

Best Horror 2017

It’s our Best Horror 2017 list, but was 2017 a good year for horror? Billy and Jonny have different opinions on the topic, and you may be surprised about their “best of” lists.

The year saw two big horror films that cleaned up their own blood at the box office: Jordan Peele’s socially conscientious Get Out, and Stephen King’s “Scooby Gang” coming-of-age tale, It. But as all horror fans know, many independent films wait in the wings, while others are unleashed via Netflix as low budget content.

The problem with independent movies is releases may be limited or regional, and many films may not be available until well into 2018. However, the guys did their best to soak up as many features as possible to find those hidden treasures that failed to raise awareness due to spotty distribution and/or weak marketing efforts.

Best Horror 2017 is subjective, of course. Yet Billy and Jonny take two important factors into their choices: story and character. Maybe it’s due to their mutual nerdy backgrounds in literature and English, but without a unique and consistent story, and without characters that have depth, it’s hard for any film to thrive and capture the imagination of audiences.

So kick back and enjoy THE LAST KNOCK’s Best Horror 2017, and maybe learn about some missed opportunities along the way.

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