THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Milestone: Prince of Darkness

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THE LAST KNOCK podcast opens the door to the Prince of Darkness…

Macabre Milestone: Prince of Darkness

Thirty years ago, horror master, John Carpenter unleashed a new tale of terror. Prince of Darkness presented a unique premise for a narrative about the world’s end, where science and religion meet to make sense out of the nightmare to come. A group of doctoral candidates from a nearby university visits an abandoned church to study a cylinder of unknown origin, and full of active ingredients – all at the request of a local priest.

The story features some of Carpenter’s favorite performers: Victor Wong and Dennis Dun from Big Trouble in Little China, as well as horror icon, Donald Pleasance of Halloween fame. The cast also includes Jameson Parker in his only horror role, as well as the late and lovely Lisa Blount, best known to horror fans as Nurse Lisa in 1981’s Dead and Buried. Finally, rock god, Alice Cooper, appears as the “Street Schizo.” Above all, Carpenter brings the suspense, intrigue, and fear in a thought provoking fashion with one of horror cinema’s most potent endings.

THE LAST KNOCK discusses what makes Prince of Darkness rock, provide some behind the movie information, and explore its themes and imagery. This is one of Carpenter’s best films, but how come it doesn’t rate as high as his other works, or doesn’t sit as a top contender in the genre? Hell, we’ll look at that too. And speaking of Hell, if all goes wrong, a new beast may be unleashed on the Earth, so hold onto your tacyons, say your prayers, and remember to be nice to that homeless guy on the street…

Diehard Carpenter fans already know the power of Prince of Darkness, and after this show, we hope you’ll find it compelling as well – and see it as one of the director’s best works. Let us know what you think. And get your Blu-ray right here:

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2 Responses

  1. Guy Ricketts

    First off, glad to have you guys back. The new site looks great!
    And the first podcast here discusses a movie I had been unaware of until today. I felt great shame in that, until Bill admitted he hadn’t known of it either until 2012, which made me feel a little better.
    Loved the detailed discussion on Prince of Darkness, and it sounds like such a cant miss that I will take Bills advice and “watch the damn film!”
    Great re-inaugural show, Bill and Jonny, you were sorely missed!

  2. Guy Ricketts

    I left my reply here right after the show, but today it’s gone, so I will try again.
    It is great to have you both back doing new shows. The site looks great!
    I am intrigued by Prince of Darkness, especially after the in depth discussion on the show. I was embarrassed I had somehow missed this back in 1987, until Bill admitted he had missed it as well until 2012.
    The discussion was entertaining, and I will soon take Bill’s advice and “watch the damn movie”. Thanks for a very enlightening 90 minutes, you guys. And again, it’s great to have you back!

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