The Return of Crash Palace

Crash Palace BannerThe Return of Crash Palace

Thank you all so much for your patience as we revamped the site, fangs and all, for Crash Palace. THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast also went on hiatus during this time, but new shows are coming to you every Sunday at 9 PM ET. You can connect with the show directly from the site and on iTunes.

The rebuild came about due to a switch in servers, and the amazing Brian Yount of Brian Yount Digital Enterprises, LLC worked his technical magic to make the site materialize in bigger and better ways. If you want the best possible website, and/or need to work with a man who knows every aspect of SEO and social media marketing, Brian’s your man. I cannot recommend him enough for his quality service, quick turnaround, and absolute honesty.

The Crash Palace banner comes from a man well known to THE LAST KNOCK fans, the phenomenal Greg Palko of Palko Designs. What Greg creates off the top of his head in a matter of seconds is mind-blowing to say the very least. Many thanks to Damned Doll of Brazil for use of the door photo (she’s the heroine in the photo), and for Darling Desire from UK for the creep-laden shot of the house. Palko worked his magic and made it all come together. Take note, horror filmmakers and writers, Greg’s an award-winning horror artist who can rock your visuals, so connect with the man for book and DVD covers, posters, postcards, and more.

Crash Palace and THE LAST KNOCK can’t thank Brian and Greg enough for their creative prowess, as well as their time, help, and professionalism. Enjoy the site, and keep an eye out (you can release one with a spoon and keep it in a cup, if you prefer), for new things coming your way.

We appreciate the love we’ve received from our fans from over 120 countries, and look forward to connecting with you all once again. More horror, fear, and mayhem’s on the way…

Fear is in the mind,

Billy Crash


<img src="billycrash.jpg" alt="Billy Crash">Billy Crash (aka William D. Prystauk)

He loves great, in depth characters and storytelling in horror, and likes to see heads roll, but if you kill a dog on screen he’ll cry like a baby. Billy co-hosts THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast on iTunes, runs Crash Palace, and can be found on TwitterLinkedInIMDbAmazon, Behance, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

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    1. Hi, Peggy! Please forgive me for the delay. I usually respond in short order, but life has been its own horror show as of late. The subscription box should appear this coming week. I’m meeting with the web master to work on “Phase II” of the website’s upgrade. I’m glad you’re interested in the site, and look forward to reading more of your comments! Billy Crash

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