THE LAST KNOCK presents: White Collar Horror

The Last Knock art by Palko Designs.


White Collar Horror

Feeling safe in your ivory tower? Then again, you may be using it and your position to reign terror upon others. White Collar horror are those stories where abuse of power is king, or that protected professional had best wake up and adapt – or perish.

We’ll look at those who use status to their advantage with American Psycho, Severance, and Dead Ringers to subjugate and destroy.

Along with the arrogance that accompanies some maladjusted souls, this also leads to hubris and a holier-than-though attitude that creates self-aggrandizing, such as Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) in Stuart Gordon‘s Re-Animator. And what about the vamps versus the Lycan’s in Underworld? Because some are raised to believe they’re better than the rest.

The notion that money equals success and happiness isn’t new, but some White Collar families learn that their position makes them a target for some desperate or crazed who want more, whether they work for it or not, or just want to have a good time ala Funny Games.

Privilege definitely comes into play with Tony Todd’s portrayal of the Candyman, and Snoop Dogg picks up the Bones, along with Pam Grier, to remind people not to forget where they came from.

There’s more of course, and we hope to some light into the penthouse and behind the facade that makes one wonder if the grass is really greener with White Collar set, or if the lawns covered in more blood than expected.

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