THE LAST KNOCK presents: Blue Collar Horror

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THE LAST KNOCK opens the door to Blue Collar Horror!

Blue Collar Horror

Some horror films work harder for their scares than others. Blue Collar horror are those tales where working men and women, and their kids, not only fight to survive the trappings of everyday life, but from demons, vampires, serial killers, and all sorts of nasties that could care less about struggling with 9-to-5 drudgery.

From punching time clocks to wondering how to pay all the damn bills, most Blue Collar heroes have much against them. But when “The Other” comes calling, hard working men and women who face adversity on a daily basis may prove to be a creepy-crawly’s worst nightmare.

But it’s not just the people, it’s their jobs, their neighborhoods, their homes: The backdrop for exploitation from dark forces who deem a lack of education as a lack of intelligence. But if “money don’t make no man,” then beasts in search of prey had better look over their shoulder (if they have one) to see who’s hunting who.

We’ll step into the Blue Collar maelstrom with They Live and Stuck, and also venture into The Mothman Prophecies, Tremors, Stir of Echoes, and so much more – including the ultra-disturbing Red, White, and Blue.

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The plot sickens: If you’re in search of more hard working men and women in horror, check out our episode featuring Train to Busan!

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