THE LAST KNOCK presents: Behind the Horror – Mask

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THE LAST KNOCK opens the door to Behind the Horror – Mask

Behind the Mask

The Mask conceals identity, hides intentions, lets us become someone else, and instills confidence due to anonymity.

But horror, as always, takes the wearing of one to deeper and darker depths. Sure, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers come to mind, but what about the others? We’re not just talking about the gang of killers in You’re Next and The Strangers, and not even “lunatic for a day” rioters in The Purge franchise. For even Freddy Kruger hides behind a mask of burns and scars he uses to instill terror into his sleeping victims.

And we can’t forget those who use a Mask in their profession: clowns and other talent at the circus, the carnival, and in The Funhouse. The Phantom of the Opera uses his to hide his secret weapon that stuns those around him.

We’ll look at masks, which characters wear them and way, what they reveal about character, and how they can make or break a horror film. From Eyes Without a Face and My Bloody Valentine to Halloween III: Season of the Witch to The Last House on Dead End Street, we’ll see what’s beneath the veneer. But seeing a Mask can drive one into a anxiety ridden frenzy, so you may want to close your eyes when we go Behind the Horror

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