THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Bill Oberst Jr.

The Last Knock

Bill Oberst Jr., one of the horror genre’s finest and most revered, chats with Billy Crash about movies, theatre, acting, Ray Bradbury, life, and so much more.

Please do not miss this interview with one fantastic and engaging gentleman. Bill Oberst Jr. is someone special who has earned an Emmy and many other accolades from being on the large and small screen over the past decade. Listen in and you’ll find out why he’s been so successful – and why he’s so respected.

Please visit Bill Oberst Jr.‘s website, Facebook, and Twitter – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Thank you for having me, Billy Crash – a most enjoyable conversation. Truly my pleasure!

    your friend,

    • crashpalace

      Bill, it truly was my honor. I can’t thank you enough for coming on.

      The door is always open to you, so please feel free to come back any time.

      My very best to you and yours,


  • Bill O. and Billy C. wow!
    In little over an hour, my inner view and waning respect for some on the big screen has been shattered in a most positive way. Bill, you should be the ambassador for all that is cool. Our childhoods sound eerily similar. My heart goes out to you. During my “the fat boy” youth, I found my refuge by burying myself in Science Fiction novels, comics, and by digging a hole deep enough and dark enough to slink into.. Your personal attitude and perspective on life and career are well beyond admirable. In fact, they are exemplary and yet, selfless in nature.
    Fantastic show, Billy Crash and Bill Oberst, Jr. Greg Palko and Billy C. have the neatest friends.

    • Thank you Ron! Misfits of the world, unite 🙂 I appreciate this comment.

    • crashpalace

      Ron, I’m thrilled the show struck a chord. Bill blew me away with his depth of character and storytelling. I could have talked with him for hours on end.

    • I echo your sentiments, Ron. Great and inspirational interview, Bill and Billy!

      • crashpalace

        Happy to hear you enjoyed it, Bill! (I have never been with this many Bills!)