THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: Antibirth and The Love Witch

The Last KnockNo two horror films could be so diametrically opposed. Antibirth is a gritty bizarro film with a 1980’s flavor and The Love Witch comes on with romance through the eyes of a desperate woman. But are they worth watching? And if you’re a fan and supporter of “Women in Horror,” you’ll definitely be interested in these two independent movies.

We go knee deep into both features and deliver our take on Antibirth, The Love Witch, the people who made them, and the people who starred in them for better or worse – and definitely until death due us part.

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  • Killler show!
    Your SCREAM OUT is greatly appreciated.
    Amber says the best thing about ANTIBIRTH is that Lyonne is playing the same character as she did in FREEWAY II. I totally agree with her in her “White Girl” part with a healthy portion of her character in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK mixed in for good measure. In fact, this AB film coluld easily be what landed her in prison if things weren’t so final for her in AB. While AB was bizarre in a completley depraved way, it was captivating to watch the eventual end of the train crash that was ongoing for at least 100 miles or however long the film ran. We enjoyed the black humor spewing from the mouths of her and her friend… the scuzzy pair! It was classic Cronenberg “body horror.”
    We haven’t seen THE LOVE WITCH yet, but the trailer was both disturbing and enticing, maybe the perfect combo for any horror trailer. I liked the 70s flare in everything. As the trailer unfolded, I had visions of the TV series Batman meets the evil LOVE POTION No. 9’s sexy, vixen, door-to-door, sales tramp, SALEM’S LOT, Elvira as a sultry, sex-craved witch or possibly THAT GIRL getting all SORCERESS on us or possibly Emma Peel takes up the craft while succubussing her lovers. I do proclaim the lady playing the witch is quite fit and well-worth a large tub of thunder maise and Coke!

    • crashpalace

      Ha! Oh, how I love Emma Peel! Glad you liked the craziness that is ANTIBIRTH, and I look forward to reading your thoughts regarding Biller’s THE LOVE WITCH. I’m sure the tub of popcorn will over-floweth for that one.

      You deserve every SCREAM OUT, my friend! Thanks so much for listening!

      • Bill, I forced Amber to watch THE LOVE WITCH with me, but she made me take her to see 47 METERS DOWN in return. Thank the wicca goddwsses TLW was free on Amazon Prime. Had to go to the big screen place for 47MD.
        TLW was about two thousand bland expressions by the babe Witch too long. In short, it stunk up the 70s joint, but the actress playing her is striking. I cannot say one actor in it was good at their craft, including withchery. Why is it considered horror? Horror should feel insulted. It was almost headed towards campy but was derailed from that path. I’m totally with Jon on this one. It didn’t know where it wanted to go, and someone with a clean pad of sense should have yanked the cord on the renaissance fair junk. If not for her attributes, of which acting wasn’t one, I’d have clicked out in a wiggle of the nose Bewitched hurry. I’d suggest one star would be overly generous for THE LOVE WITCH.
        Guys, don’t waste your time on 47 METERS DOWN. It’s a sad day at the burgers and corn theater whenever you find yourself pulling for the great whites over their supposed victims. It was a poor excuse of a yearly JAWS offering. This one is total Red Box or NetFlix minnow chum.

        • Jon Weidler

          For what it’s worth, I was listening to another podcast that was discussing Biller’s previous film, VIVA (which I have not seen), and its campy links to the likes of Russ Meyer fare. I feel that that was part of what she was going for with TLW, but cramming in the heavy-handed feminist (sub)text and the half-baked police procedural and the lectures (and they *were* lectures) on empowerment left nothing to the imagination. The film actually seemed to view the viewers as idiots, as it highlighted, underlined, and bolded its points at every turn. Had Biller shown a bit of restraint, she might have produced an air of mystery and ambiguity that would have allowed the film to linger in the mind’s eye. As for your question on how the film is considered “horror,” I’m guessing it’s the principle of the main character being a witch, and that Mario Bava-style stabbing at the climax. Otherwise, I agree that its genre leanings are not strong at all.

          47 METERS DOWN looked like yet another watered-down JAWS clone – thanks for taking the hit on that one, Ron – yours and Amber’s sacrifice will not go unrecognized!

          • Guys, the opening scene or first minute or so of TLW was very promising. Immediately, it grabbed me as possiblt being something refreshing and a new wand-waving or nose-twitching adventure down a BEWICTHED DARKLY kind of trail, but within the next few minutes the broom plummeted to earth and this LOVE WICTH spiraled down to terra firma in flames.
            On another note, Amber had the best line yet in response to ALIEN COVENANT. When discussing the film with me, she said she literally wanted to cry when it ended, feeling like Kenney when Cartman ate all the skin off the gang’s bucket of KFC, original crust. I told her my tears were falling throughout the film.

          • crashpalace

            Ha! Amber needs her own show!

        • crashpalace

          Ha! I know what you mean about the horror element. Just because someone’s a “witch” doesn’t mean it’s horror. The script definitely needed an edit. She should’ve called me!

  • Since you guys disagreed in your opinions on ANTIBIRTH, but both of you thought it was ‘sick,’ I must therefore watch it!

    • crashpalace

      I can’t wait for your feedback, Bill!

    • Jon Weidler

      Review, please! (I could only express my feelings via desperate laughter, obviously.)

      • Afraid I’ll have to pass on the review. My response to the film was similar to yours.