THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with David Wilde

The Last Knock

Independent filmmaker, David Wilde, visits THE LAST KNOCK to discuss his latest feature, the crime thriller, Cold-Blooded Killers. The story revolves around a pair of hitmen on the Scottish Island of Arran who have three days to take out their target.

David Wilde also talks about funding independent films, the making of his horror film Screen starring Nikki Alonso of Crawl or Die, the Hollywood machine, and what happened when he visited the set of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” He’ll also give us the latest on his Crime Lord serial, which will recommence shooting this summer. Don’t miss this candid and entertaining interview with one driven artist.

You can find David Wilde on Twitter and Instagram, and check out his projects: the Twitter and site for Crime Lord, and the Twitter and site for Cold-Blooded Killers.


  • Bill, I’ve enjoyed listening to several of your interviews with David Wilde, and I’m in no way involved with filmmaking or screenplay writing. He’s a fascinating man with mature, well-marinated (definitely earned), keen insights into the “business” he obviously loves. With his passion, dedication, and DIY “can do” attitude, he seems to define succes at a personal level that is most refreshing in this day and age of whiners, malingerers, and pretenders. Whether young or seasoned, those aspiring to make films would be very wise to pay heed to what David Wilde says because he apparently cherishes sharing that which has taken him many years, sweat, and blood to learn.
    Great show with Mr. Wilde… as always!

    • crashpalace

      Wow. Ron, I’m so glad you enjoyed the show and appreciate David’s drive. He certainly motivates me every time, and this is why I’m in pre-production with my own feature film. He’s a rock solid inspiration. Thank you so much for listening, as always, and be well.

      • Thanks for the kind words Bill. And for all the support. Big thank you to Ron too for listening and for those kind words of support. All the best with your film mate. Cheers!

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks so much for listening to the show, and for the very kind words. It means a lot. All the best to you sir!

      • crashpalace

        You’re too kind, David. It’s always fantastic to have you on the show. Much success to you and all of your projects!