THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast presents: Coming of Age Horror

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THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast opens the door to Coming of Age Horror

Coming of Age or Rage?

It’s a new year and a new you, or something like that. But what if you’re a kid, a tween, caught between that no-man’s-land of prepubescence and burgeoning adulthood? Hell, we know that isn’t easy.

Many Coming of Age Horror films indulge in kids caught in the transition. Unlike other cultures, the west no longer has a rite of passage for young people that’s recognized on a national scale. Becoming a man or woman can take place at eighteen or twenty-one, or is it when the young person gets a driver’s license or gets into college, or begins to accrue debt from a credit card? There’s no real marker, nothing to prove that we have officially become an adult.

Maybe this is why we love Coming of Age Horror so much. The narratives allow us the opportunity to live vicariously through characters on the screen as they solve mysteries, right wrongs, and defeat monsters. THE LAST KNOCK explores movies like Carrie, The Monster Squad, Night of the Creeps, Child’s Play and more. Come on the adventure with us as we take a journey into confidence, independence, and adulthood in Coming of Age Horror.

If you don’t have Lady in White, Night of the Creeps, or Deadgirl, get your copies right here:

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